Karen Laraway, M. Ht. - Alternative Therapies by Appointment



Karen is a Reiki Master who understands the importance of finding happiness and balance in your life through harmonizing your life energy.  Reiki, a form of Japanese alternative medicine, alleviates stress, helps heal one's natural energies, and energizes people.  




Aroma Touch Therapy


During an aroma touch therapy session, essential oils are applied to contact points on the ears, the back, and the feet.  Aroma therapy alleviates stress, reduces inflammation, and assists the body to return to a homeostasis.  Each session lasts approximately 30 - 60 minutes.





Clinical Hypnotherapy


During hypnotherapy, the patient is brought to a state of deep relaxation to help tap into the subconscious, which is important when overcoming challenges.  Whether you are trying to quit smoking, start a new diet plan, change your lifestyle or you just want to improve your self-esteem or prepare for challenges you face, hypnotherapy is for you.



Guided Meditation


Learn how to meditate.  Let Karen help you center your mind and you will begin to experience all the benefits that meditation and provide for you.  She will shae with you her tips and you'll receive information about how to meditate at home.




Ear Candling


Ear candling removes excess ear wax in a safe, easy, and effective manner.  Unfortunately, Q-Tips and other ear cleaning devices usually pack ear wax and push it deeper into the ear channel.  If you don't hear quite as well as you used to, you may have ear wax buildup.  If your ears are itching or you constantly have a feeling of water in your ear, ear candling may help you clear your ears.  


Contact Karen today to set-up an appointment or to find out more about her services.   Please e-mail or phone 321-292-4392


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