Chip Griffin, CWC - Specialty Services

Wellness Coaching 


As a Certified Wellness Coach, Chip can help you set goals, create plans, and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle to feel great and improve your quality of life.  


Whether you need a one time consultation or multiple sessions over an extended period of time, Chip has a plan for you to help you reach your goals


Also, using the BMI body profile scale at each session, you can see your results easily.



BMI Scale


Chip has a specialty scale that can assess your body mass index, the percentage of fats in your body, including visceral fats, the percentage of muscle mass in your body, and your current weight.



Because a regular scale only assesses overall weight, it cannot provide you with more specific information that is critical to helping you understand various factors that determine overall weight.  For example, someone may weight 130 pounds, but if their overal fat is low and muscle is high, then they are better off than someone who weights 125 pounds but has a higher fat distribution.


It is good to use a BMI scale to understand important factors of your weight.  This information can be used to help establish goals to improve your health.  



Vibra Therapy


Vibra therapy machines help activate the lymphatic system so that lymphatic drainage can occur.  Lymphatic drainage is important as the lymphatic system helps process toxins and fats out of the body


Most of the body systems activate "on their own."  For example, the neurological system works without our having to "do anything" to make it work.  However, the lymphatic system activate (or works) when we move.


Unfortunately, today's societal structure requires most of us to be sedentary as we usually sit in front of computers at work, arrive home in the evening, leaving us little time to enjoy walking or exercising outside.


Ten minutes on a lymphatic drainage machine can accomplish the same amount of lymphatic drainage that an hour's worth of workout can accomplish.    





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